2018 – Another Year Has Passed

And What Have I To Show For It?


So 2018 whizzed by and I always felt that I was trying to catch up. But looking back it is time to sum up the past year and look forward into 2019 and in what ways I want to move the needle the upcoming year.


This year in my professional, day-to-day life as a digital strategist at Forsman & Bodenfors work has been very busy and extremely fun the whole year.

And on the personal plane me and my girlfriend spent the summer chilling and travelling in Eastern Europe and Israel and the fall was spent moving to a larger apartment in the city centre. So the time available for upping my photography game has, for longer periods been almost non-existing.

Therefore I will not present my favourite shots from each month as I usually do. Instead I will just list 12 shoots (somewhat chronological) that I think are amongst the best I created this year.


Quarter 01/2018

Makeupstudion Finals.
Model: Hanna Avonds.
MUAH: Frida Perzon.

Studio work. Image from a shoot I did for makeup school “Makeupstudion” and their students’ final portfolios. I always love doing these shoots as it forces me to be fluid as there is not much time available for each shoot.


White Line.
Model: Rebecka Raneby.
MUA: Jennifer Bauhn.

Studio work. Just a quick portrait session we did at the end of a day in the studio, where we decided to just smear some white make-up in the model’s face and threw up a few lights. I really love the intensity of Rebecka’s eyes here.


Model: Jény Meira.
MUAH: Jacqueline Champbel.

Studio work. Beauty/glamour shoot for a competition the makeup artist was involved in. I love how lush it turned out.

Quarter 02/2018

Model: My Heidenfors.

Studio work. From a packed day working with My in the studio. I love the rawness, but also almost ethereal feeling the sheet of plastic lends to this shot.


Model: Alexandra Carlzon.
MUA/Creative Direction: Annelie Jönsson.
Stylist: Sofia Gilensparr.

Location work. Another competition, this time for MUA Annelie Jönsson who put together an awesome crew for this shoot. Very upbeat and positive vibe – which translated into the images, which turned out more lighter in mood than my usual stuff.


Model: Le Siss.
MUAH: Emma Falkensjö.

Location work. Have been longing to do a shoot with antlers for a long time (because why not), so when Sissel asked me if I, perhaps, would be up for a shoot involving antlers, we did the real shoot in front of a waterfall, but when driving home we spotted a meadow in the woods and just had to stop the car for a quick run and gun session.

Quarter 03/2018

Astaroth Evocation.
Magister Officorium:
MIss Lumpling.
MUA: Jennifer Bauhn.

Location work. Part of the Ars Goetia project.

Come ye, then, without delay, without noise, and without rage, before us, without any deformity or hideousness, to execute all our will; come ye from all places wherein ye are, from all mountains, valleys, streams, rivers, brooks, ponds, places, baths, synagogues; for God, strong and powerful, will chase ye and constrain ye, being glorious over all things; He will compel ye, both ye and the Prince of Darkness. Come ye, come ye, Angels of Darkness; come hither before this Circle without fear, terror, or deformity, to execute our commands, and be ye ready both to achieve and to complete all that we shall command ye.”


Black Swan.
Model: Michaela Backlund.
MUA: Jennifer Bauhn.

Location work. After having finished shooting on the cliffs in stark sunlight we headed back to the basecamp when I wanted to shoot the model against a backlit (by the sun) diffusor panel. Instant studio feel – but 100% created outdoors.

Quarter 04/2018

Model: Annika Krusensten.
MUA: Moa Hagström.

Studio work. More work for Makeupstudion. Some bonus-frames I grabbed after having shot the ‘regular’ frames they wanted. As Annika is a dancer she is extremely expressive with her body.


White Collar.
Model: Janina Udiljak.

Studio work. Janina was a new acquaintance whom I hope to do more shoots with in 2019.


Vapour Trails.
Model: Gita Von Winlandt.
MUAH: Emma Falkensjö.

Studio work. An experiment with using a vape to add another element to the regular beauty shots I do. Hope to do more with vape in 2019.


Plastic Chrysalis.
Model: Annika Krusensten
MUAH: Erika Barchéus Rojas.

Studio work. Erika wanted to do something with plastic. So we did. I wanted the feeling of a being emerging from a cocoon of sorts.


Looking back at 2018

I wanted leave the secure confines of the studio in 2018 and do more location work. Looking back I think I did. During the warm part of the year I did all my shoots outdoors and on location. Yey me!

Creatively I am somewhat pleased. I think I managed to cover a lot of ground when it comes to expression, but I have started to see a distinct red thread to the imagery that I think is my visual style. Interesting.

The down side with 2018 is that I did very few shoots due to the situation at work and us moving apartments.

I am also glad that I managed to do one more installment of my series “Between Night & Day” with Miss Lumpling.


Looking forward to 2019

Even though I feel that I did few shoots throughout 2018 – I do not necessarily think I should shoot more in 2019. Instead I want to make the individual shoot count more: I want to go into each shoot with a clear intention – be it creative, technical or something else. Sometimes I rely too much on my mindset “Adapt. Improvise. Overcome.” and the fact that I think well on my feet.

So “intention” is something I want to work with more in 2019.

I also want to shoot more steadily – and also with more new people. So I i want to do at least one shoot every month. And I want to shoot with 12 people I have never worked with before.

I also want to keep moving out of the studio and do more location work, and especially work more on the “Between Night & Day” and “Ars Goetia” series.

Intention is one of the most powerful forces there is. What you mean when you do a thing will always determine the outcome. The law creates the world.
— Brenna Yovanoff, The Replacement