2017 – The Great Indoors

Another year has passed and I sum up 2017 from a development perspective.

I must confess that I kept myself busy when it comes to photography. I shot a lot of pictures and collaborated with a lot of great models, makeup artists, hair stylists and designers.

But what did I really accomplish? How come that I, yet again, reach the end of a year feeling tired and worn out from a creative perspective?




Model: My Heidenfors.

Kicked off the year with two days in the studio with My Heidenfors who came to Göteborg from her hometown near Stockholm for a weekend of shooting images.

We did lots of different themes but this is probably my favourite: Haphazard styling; just some tights and a necklace from Etsy. Simple lighting.



Model: Jasmine Sjöberg Sibide.
MUA: Jacqueline Kroon.

Blast from the past. I shot Jasmine Sibidé ages ago, when she first started out in modelling. Now she’s an established model and when she was back in Sweden last winter she reached out asking if I wanted to shoot before she went to Los Angeles. Of course, I wanted to shoot.

We did some full moody body portraits.



MUA: Emma Falkensjö/Joakim Hintze
Hair: Felicia Fröjd

Some competition work for creative hair studio Cybtekk and hair designer Felicia Fröjd. And I really tried to make the hair pop both in terms of colour as well as texture and shape.



Model: Hanna Avonds (Avenue Modeller)
Makeup: Sali Moneimneh

Finalshoots for MUA/Hair stylist educator Makeupstudion Class Spring ’17. Straight up beauty shoots. Did a few of these during 2017 and must say that I love this type of work. This kind of beauty shoots lies close to my heart.

Very simple setup. Direct lighting against a white wall.

It is also a great way to get to know a bunch of talented and aspiring hair and makeup artists as well as connect with great models.



Model: Mad Elaine

From the yearly photo meetup Västkustträffen (which I arrange with a bunch of friends). One weekend on the coast with awesome environments for shoots, hanging out with other photographers, models and other great people having a good time, creating awesome images.

This shoot was done at sunset using only natural light and trying to really make use of the shallow depth of field that the Fuji 56 mm f/1.2 allows.



Model: Linnea Andersson (Avenue Modeller) 
MUAH: Johanna Rosa Persson

Final shoots for MUA/Hairstylist educator Makeupstudion Class Summer ’17. Straight up beauty shoots, again, but this time we went for a more moody setup.



Model: Michaela Backlund
MUA: Elina Bååth

Another old acquaintance; Michaela Backlund, whom I have shot a bunch of times during the years. For this shoot we let the MUA go a bit crazy with a harlequin makeup.



Model: Miss Lumpling
MUA: Jennifer Bauhn

Never shot Miss Lumpling before, but I was delighted by her ability to emote in front of the camera and she has really goofy faces. Very fun shoot.



Model: Klara
MUA: Emma Falkensjö/Joakim Hintze
Hair: Felicia Fröjd

More work for creative hairstudio Cybtekk and hair designer Felicia Fröjd. Once again I wanted the hair to pop.



Model: Astrid Hallén
MUA: Karin Flodin

Astrid Hallén is a model/actor that I shot once many years back and those images were probably quite defining to my approach to beauty images. So it was fun to be able to do new work with her to see how it worked out this time around.



Model: Babyjoy

Babyjoy normally models fetish/latex. But here a simple blanket had to make do in order to create a bit more soft and cosy images than what is normal for her.



Model: Ellen Abrahamsson
MUA: Annelie Jönsson

An old theme that I revisited this year. Flawless makeup trashed by runny, sticky syrup... I like to break beautyful things.


Looking back at 2017

I am very grateful for the results for 2017 where I feel that I continued to evolve as a photographer and looking back on the images I created 2017 I really had a hard time to choose my favourites.

This comes as a bit of a surprise for me as I (again) leaves the year a bit drained and disillusioned thinking that my work is mostly an uninspired rehashing of old stuff and concepts and that I don't evolve... 

That said; one thing that really sticks out is that I almost always stuck to the confines of the studio, rarely opting to shoot in the outdoors. And I guess that this is something that maybe contributes to the feeling I have of constantly rehashing the same things.


Looking forward to 2018

It is quite clear that I need to get out of the studio working more on location and in nature. Maybe that will get me out of the funk?

But living in Sweden I guess I a confined to the great indoors for at least six months of the year. But those six months i'll try to shoot as much as I can outdoors.