2016 – A year in review

Time to put 2016 to rest and look back to what I have accomplished: It has been a turbulent year on a personal level and I have kept myself busy when it comes to photography: I have worked with 33 different models on 31 different occasions doing 72 individual shoots. About the same as 2015.

But what have I created when looking at things from a creative point of view?

You're rushing for a time that you don't know,
Curious of what your feelings are you go

Losing sight of that familiar touch you know,
Sinking into unknown beauty for a day,
Living everything as it comes and goes,
The only times you know have passed away.

Now you're looking back where everything seems here,
Scared of letting all that comfort disappear.

Unfamiliar – Ride

I started the year on the back of the last quarter of 2015, a period in my life that was very dark and depressing and that I had to force myself to start creating and collaborating again. In the beginning of 2016 I was still very much in the bounce-back stages of this so the first few months I didn't really do many shoots but focussing on nurturing the other aspects of my life and spending time with people I care about.

But as the year progressed I started to shoot more and more and were enjoying my self more for every shoot.


Model: Elegy Ellem.

Having worked with Elegy Ellem a few times before I immediately jumped on the possibility of going a shoot with her when she were in my hometown for a few days. We did a super fast (1 hour) shoot with about 4 different outfits (or "lack thereof..." in this case).



Model: Rebecka Zetterlund.
MUA: Bambi Borg.

Rebecka is probably the person I have worked the mot with during the years. This was a simple beauty shot where MUA/genius Bambi slathered some white makeup all over Rebecka's face.



Models: Rebecca Zetterlund and Sebastian Boukachabia.
MUA/Stylist: Stasia Michaelsdotter

This shoot was for the Pride issue of, now defunct, web magazine The New Issues – playing a bit with gender stereotypes. Also first collaboration with Stasia Michaelsdotter.


Model: Justyna Parol
MUA: Julia Zidar.

In April I did a collaboration with Justyna, who had never done a photoshoot before.


Model: Jenny Schill.

From the yearly photomeet Västkustträffen in Bohuslän where I spent a weekend hanging out with friends, doing some photoshoots and genereally just enjoying myself. First time I had the pleasure of shooting Jenny, and I hope to do so more in the future.


Model: Anna/Apan Satt I Granen

Anna is a deer friend of mine and has a huge following on Instagram. I did some promotion photos of her which were used in articles and for posters of her spoken word performance during Stockholm Fringe Festival.


Model: Johanna Jansson.

Spent a lot of time on the roads during July. Travelling with a friend to the Netherlands, roadtripping around Sweden visiting friends, family and doing photoshoots with people I normally don't have access to in my hometown.

This shoot with Johanna was made on top of a derelict parking garage in Stockholm. I shot Johanna many years ago so it was nice to get the opportunity to do so again.


Model: Michaela Backlund.

Another photo meet yielded this image of Michaela shot in a sandpit outside of Nynäshamn that we found by sheer luck. Michaela is another model I shot long time ago and rekindling the cooperation was very nice.


After a very hectic summer I needed some time off so I didn't have any photo shoots at all during September.



Model: Jasmine Sundström
MUA: Jennifer Bauhn

Jasmine is a very dear friend and an awesome model and we have done quite a few collaborations together over the years. She is really great and I can't recommend her highly enough. 


Models: Nathalie Gunnarsson and Nicolina Lindell (Oh My Management
MUA/Stylist: Stasia Michaelsdotter

Another collaboration with Stasia, this time a test shoot for the agency Oh My Management.


Model: Miss Teapot.

Ended the year with a shoot with alternative model Miss Teapot.

Looking back on 2016

Reviewing the shoots I did during 2016 I think I like what I see. I think the images are getting better compared to the previous' years. Stronger and more direct compositions is something that I think I see – and this is something that I feel I want to keep building on.


Looking forward to 2017

From a creative standpoint I am still all over the place. Some portraits, a bit of beauty, some fashion and some art-nude thrown in. I feel I need to temper myself a bit and streamline my work a bit more. 

Maybe that is what I'm going to do for 2017. Focus on a specific kind of images... If I only could decide what kind.