2015 – Looking for my voice

Time to sum up another year: 2015 has ended and I must say I am happy to see it fade away into the background; as it on a personal level have been a crap year. But I think it have been a pretty good year creatively speaking...

Loneliness finds her own way
Cause her skin is so soft
I'm cutting my teeth on her shoulders
And cracking my knuckles while holding her hand

Loneliness Finds Her Own Way – Clem Snide

Last year I made the switch from a big old Nikon DSLR rig to the more lightweight Fujifilm X-series and this year I have kept shooting with the Fuji cameras and I have been loving every second of it.

Looking back to 2014 one of the things I wanted to do was to start finding my photographic voice. The switch from Nikon to Fuji and my change in my approach to how I create my images certainly changed the way I expressed myself during 2015 I do think that 2015 was the year when I finally started to get an idea of what I wanted to say when I speak through my images.


Swedish winter again. Inspiration, for me, is usually at an all-time low at this time of the year, but this time it was a bit different. Mostly because I started collaborating with the great make-up artist Erika Barcheus-Rojas during the last parts of 2014; a collaboration that continued into 2015.

Model: Elizabeth Gartinger
MUA: Erika Barcheus-Rojas
Hair stylist: Ari Koponen

Elizabeth is one of my closest friends that I have shot a few times during the years. Ari Koponen did a terrific job with cutting and styling Elizabeth's hair. I knew about the planned hairstyle a few days in advance so I envisioned a very graphic image focusing on  shapes; the round bob haircut and a contrasting straight shape. I found a thick piece of felt fabric in a fabric store and thought I could shape it into a cone shaped collar/coat. I am really happy with this set of images.


February was very hectic at work and, out of the blue, I came down with acute pancreatitis sending me to the hospital for a week, throwing a monkey wrench into all plans for that month. I didn't pick up the camera at all during February.


In March I was back on my feet from the pancreatitis and things at work settled down somewhat giving me time to spend in the studio again.

Model: Elegy Ellem

Elegy Ellem is one of Sweden's most prominent alternative models and burlesque performers so when she contacted me asking me if I wanted to shoot her I were more than stoked. 


Model: Rebecca.
MUA: Erika Barchéus-Rojas

Rebecca is probably the closest thing I have to a muse; we like the same kind of images, like to work together and always have fun doing it. This shoot was inspired by Terry Richardson; a photographer whose photographic style I like: It is raw, simple, unpolished and very direct. Simple light and very focused on the model's expressions.


Every year in end of May we gather a bunch of photographers, models and other photo geeks for a photo meetup in Bohuslän where we hang-out, talk, shoot and just generally have a great time. 

Model: Malin Torlén

Malin was a new acquaintance that I reached out to before the meet-up and I am very happy that I did as it was the first of a bunch of great collaborations during 2015 and we also became great friends during the year. This shoot was supposed to be a swimsuit shoot on a beach. But as we were hit by a storm during the meet-up we had to retreat indoors and improvise something else. 


June was quite busy at work but I did have the time to attend a photographic workshop in Malmö hosted by awesome photographer Joakim Karlsson.

Model: Olga Kaminska

We did a bunch of looks and setups during the workshop. This is the one I am most pleased with. Not really my usual style, but a bit fun to play with something a bit more glossy.


Even though I had to undergo surgery in July to remove my gallbladder (as a result of the pancreatitis I had in February), the creative juices were flowing and I had to do a bunch of shoots during my vacation. I also bought new gear; a Profoto B1 portable battery powered strobe, something I wanted to have for a long time. Finally I could bring some more power to my location shoots. 

Model/MUA: Sanna Persson (Locá Alternative Makeup)

Sanna came back to the studio this year after having cut her hair into a mohawk and dyed it purple. Of course, with a look like that, we had to do a tribal inspired portrait shoot.


Continued shooting extensively in August testing new ideas and techniques. Wanted to keep myself busy partly because I started to feel that I might have found something of a red thread in my work. Partly because me and my girlfriend of almost 13 years decided to split up so it was nice to be able use my photography as a sort of escape from reality.

Model: Rebecca.

Rebecca again. This shoot was done in a tunnel in the central parts of Gothenburg using a black collapsible reflector as a backdrop and just natural light just outside of the direct sunlight. I love the light that technique gives. 


Kept keeping myself busy at work and with my photography.

Model: Malin

Me and Malin made a photo roadtrip one day in September. We got in the car, drove south and whenever we found a nice location we stopped the car and went out for a shoot. Wonderful day. The image above was one of the few prepared ideas we did that day; fine-art nudes with a dark, ominous feeling . The image was shot on Skrea beach in Falkenberg just before sunrise. I love this series and feel that it is one of my best pieces of work I have ever made.


October was a dark and dreadful month. Things happened in my personal life; leaving me emotionally drained. I needed to take a break and I didn't have it in me to touch the camera for a month. To be honest; I am amazed that I actually managed to put on pants and go to my main work every day that month. 


Did a few shoots in November more or less just to force myself back to life again, but still very much under the weather.

Model: Rebecca.

I did a shoot with Rebecca again and I am very pleased with this shot. One of my top three images from 2015..


Still not 100% back but did one shoot in December.

Model: Emma Hanson
MUA: Moa Markusson

I shot Emma a few times during 2015 but this shot is also one of my top three images from 2015. We were doing other stuff in the studio but on a whim I asked Emma to put on the victorian capelet I had in the studio and realised that there was the potential for a great image.